Southland Pavement Cleaning


Southland Pavement Cleaning equipment is matched to the job.Truck_washing_downgrade_031915

Each Southland Pavement Cleaning truck has features designed to ensure maximum quality for it’s assigned task.

  • We use low cab forward vehicles to give the driver maximum visibility to help ensure we don’t miss anything…or hit anything
  • Street cleaning vehicles are quipped with magnets to pick up ferrous debris such as nails during prewash drive through
  • Our street cleaning vehicles have separate power units for water pumps to ensure uniform high pressure water, even at low vehicle speeds
  • Each cleaning vehicle has 150 feet of hose with 150 psi water available for detail clean up
  • Each cleaning vehicle has a rear mounted drip rail for compaction and stone wetting
  • Our vehicles are equipped with dust heads capable of wetting a 100 foot path for dust control
  • Sweepers are equipped with specialized attachments for fast and efficient catch basin maintenance as well as on site erosion remediation
  • Each vehicle is equipped with GPS and real tme digital communication to provide efficient routing and fast response to customer needs

You can count on Southland Pavement Cleaning!GPS_Map_031915